Pale Fire

Epicycles generates a living constellation for a unique individual, visualizing the complexities of their life defined by events of significance. Life begins as a singular node in constant motion. As we traverse life, new life events are created and are added into orbit. Each event is added to the orbit of the previous node, creating a chain of interconnected movement. Like the great constellations in our sky, these visualizations chronicle the stories of an individual’s existence. The organic movement is defined by size and rotational speed of life events. These events are defined by the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory; for example, the death of a spouse is valued at 100, while a parking ticket is equal to an 11.


Pale Fire

design + Code

exploring the individual and uniqueness of the creative process


The installation begins with the press of a button. After a moment of thinking, a printer outputs a unique, generative poster. When the next user presses the button, the computer loads the previously printed poster, and iterates a new poster using the previous iteration as a starting point. Every time the program is run, the computer overwrites the original image and prints out a new poster, leaving that poster as the only physical remnants of creation.


Thesis work @ Pratt Institute

Software: Processing